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I would stand outside preaching the gospel of Ashley Puro

Posted by Lacie
July 30, 2019

Ashley was recommended to me and we had a phone consult hours later. Immediately I knew she was who I wanted. From the start, she has been honest and straightforward. She let me know exactly what to expect every step of the way and kept me updated and in the loop with everything going on. Ashley was knowledgeable and diligent in every aspect and extremely organized. Every question or concern was addressed immediately regardless of date or time. She made sure I was prepared for hearings, depositions and trials accordingly. This case was a hot mess express but not for Ashley...There is was so much inconsistency and miscommunication on the others parties side, night and day difference from what I was experiencing. That was the moment that I knew I had picked the right attorney but they did not. I felt bad for a moment but that quickly faded seconds later. I am extremely grateful for her and her services in helping my facilitate a custody agreement with my son. She truly understands and cares about every client and takes the time needed with every case and these are people's lives not just a paycheck.


Second to NONE!

Posted by Michelle
July 1, 2019

It is my honor to write a recommendation for Ms. Ashely Puro. I hired Ms. Puro a few months ago to represent me in a family law matter and her professional commitment to my case has been second to none.

Immediately upon consulting with me she made me feel comfortable by answering any and all questions, and then continued making herself available as questions arose in the days and months that followed.

Too often attorneys take on too many cases and therefore that case becomes a number that repeatedly gets lost in the growth of a practice. Ms Puro has made it a point to keep her practice smaller and more manageable so that her client’s get her utmost attention. She realizes that this is a passionate and serious issue for us, the clients, and she takes that very seriously.

I'd like to thank her for the extraordinary service she has provided for me. She has been completely dedicated to my cause and has made it her own. 

Although I have not received a final ruling on my case, I know that she has given it everything that she possibly could to bring the law to the pages of her brief and to the ears of the court.
I feel as though her ability to achieve success with my case is likely, but no matter the outcome, I know that Ms. Puro could not have done anything else to facilitate a more favorable outcome. I know that she truly put everything possible into her preparation and execution of our case, and therefore I completely and without question would recommend her for your family law issues. She truly knows her stuff! :)


Look NO further! The Right Attorney that you need Right Now

Posted by Patrick 

September 8, 2018

It was 6pm, I was just served at my front door. I could not decipher what I had in-front of me. I called Ashley, she called back within 15 min. She had my case up on her computer explaining and translating my scenario...Simply put, Incredible. 

My 1st experience having to retain an attorney and choosing to call Ashley was proof to me that good karma does come back. She swiftly established a plan. The motions/responses/petitions she files are slam dunks. She actually cites FL cases and FL law par. as rationale/justification for your argument. She is unbelievably generous with her time working for YOU. I received continuous communication fully explaining every piece of paper. She's organized, crisp, and doesn't forget a thing. The tact displayed in her communication between opposing attorney will make you personally feel powerful. And yes...you will hear from her continuously throughout your case. This woman is an absolute professional that knows the law. My only fear is ever being on the opposite side of her representation.


The Right Lawyer

Posted by anonymous
February 11, 2020

I have been so very much against hiring a lawyer. I never wanted to go this route, I thought maybe if the former and I could come to an agreement we would be fine. Situations kept arising and I realized I needed expert help and advise especially with having a special needs child involved. I spoke to Ashely and she talked me through all my options. I am so very thankful for her knowledge, consideration, and professionalism. She made me feel better about my choice and decision to move forward with her services. I have to say I was also worried about cost, but she is worth every dollar I spent. She made me feel secure about my daughters safety and that feeling is worth more than my expense many times over.


All About My Kids

Posted by Renee
January 6, 2020

Some people are able to work things out with the help of an attorney, but when the child support started getting difficult I was given the best gift. Ashley’s contact information. Also as a happily divorced woman I found myself with the amazing opportunity to take my kids to an area better suited for their needs, and I needed someone to help me petition my move. While the former initially agreed, things changed once he met with the law firm taking on his case (and taking his money). No matter how irritated or upset I felt about an issue, or the formers attorneys lack of response or competency, Ashley kept her focus on my girls. She made it a point to personally understand the unique and special needs of my daughter and why my move was so important to her wellbeing. She helped me to anticipate the future and future needs of my children, and always, always, always made me feel like I was her only client (even answering questions during her breaks during trials). She was a warrior in my corner, my girls corner. She was firm, direct, and extremely responsive with opposing council (often educating him on what he should have already known). There was not a single time I didn’t trust Ashley to speak on my behalf and not a single time she drug my case out for additional compensation. She forwarded all email traffic between her and opposing council, even followed up teleconferences with an email summary to opposing council (forwarded to me). She set and enforced deadlines with opposing council, regardless of what appeared to be their effort to gain more money from my former husband (and often times highlighted their lack of knowledge, care, or concern of our case). Ashley was my partner in setting my children up for success. She is an amazing professional and while I hope to never have to use her services for a case like this again, I know I always have a place to turn to and someone there to fight for us.Less

Amazing with clear vision of how to prevail.

Posted by Garrett
June 23, 2019

Mrs. Puro has handled my custody case and has been amazing to work with and assist me with my case. Mrs. Puro gained my full respect as I watched her dominate the other team of attorneys. Yes I said the team as opposing counsel had multiple attorneys and staff. Mrs. Puro knew the facts of the case as well as the rules governing family law better than anyone involved in the case. Mrs. Puro is honest intelligent and always available. These qualities are very very rare these days and I was very impressed as we prevailed in my case.


Excellent Lawyer

Posted by Kayla 

February 5, 2019

Ashley has been there from day one to help me get through my divorce. She has been on top of every detail of the case. She sends me updates the moment she receives them so that I am always in the know. 

Ashley has gone far above and beyond to make sure we were successful. I will say that when I met my ex's lawyer, I was embarrassed for him. Ashley put in 100x the work and effort as the opposing attorney. She also had great rapport with all of the officials that we came in contact with. This girl knows her stuff and how to get the job done. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs excellent family law counsel.


Excellent is an understatement!

Posted by Alexis
July 14, 2019

I had a consultation with Ashley and will 100% be hiring her! She answered my questions quickly and went into detail about many different scenarios. I felt as if I a was a priority, even though I know she had many other trials going on. I will recommend Ashley to any woman trying to get custody of their child, without hesitation!



Posted by Sara 

February 3, 2019

Ashley took my case in on an emergancy basis with almost no time before I had to be in court. She was able to grasp my personality and told me exactly what my battles would be and what to do in court. It was swift justice on D day. Thank you.

Divorce case

Posted by Angela

February 20, 2019

Ms Puro was exactly who I needed in my corner for my case. She was both, extremely professional and helpful, in helping me understand what all of my options were and how the process works. For any future family law issues that arise, her name will without a doubt be the first one I think of. She's a hard worker and she knows what she's doing.

She is a good lawyer to have.

Posted by Melody 

February 3, 2019

She is a good lawyer that you can depend on. Knowing how hectic her job is, I always get an answer immediately. She is very precise and upfront. She has a strong personality where she will do her best to win a case.

So glad we hired Ashley

Posted by Carla 

November 1, 2018

We hired Ashley after thinking that we could handle things on our own in a child custody/visitation case. After realizing that navigating that system alone was nearly impossible, we sought out an attorney. Ashley was wonderful! She is sharp and thorough, as well as personable, relatable, and approachable. I can honestly say that I do not feel like we could have gotten the outcome that we did had it not been for her service.

Professional, Compassionate & Highly Competent..

Posted by anonymous 

September 19, 2018

Finally, a lawyer who has compassion for her clients. She made me feel safe & at ease anytime I was in her presence, and always used complete discretion. Anytime I called or emailed her with questions or just concerns - she was determined to help me and would always respond back quickly. Ms. Puro was extremely informative about the steps and stages I’d be going through with my particular case. She respected the fact that I had some difficulties leaving my home at times and would still find ways to help me. She stood by my side through the entire process, and I feel so Thankful & blessed for her services. She rises up, and speaks for all victims who are unable to speak for themselves when a traumatic event takes place. She spoke up for me and for that alone, I’ll be forever grateful for her help. Ms. Puro is a true blessing in life.

5 stars aren't enough!

Posted by Jared 

September 18, 2018

I hired Ms. Puro after attempting to negotiate a settlement with my prior rental company. After the company offered to reimburse me $0.00, I knew I needed an attorney. I chose Ms. Puro based on her reviews, and everyone was right! This attorney works days, nights, weekends… she is always available to guide you through the process and the “what-ifs.” And the best part is that she doesn’t nickel and dime you for her time. She genuinely cares about her clients and fights for the best result. In the end, I received more than I even asked for, more than I thought was even possible. And, Ms. Puro managed to finalize settlement without ever stepping in the court house. I had my money within weeks of hiring Ms. Puro. I highly recommend Ms. Puro, and I will refer everyone I know to her. Trust me, don’t waste your time and money with other attorneys, this lawyer is the best of the best.

Extremely professional, hard working, selfless Attorney

Posted by Lawson 

May 7, 2018

With just a few days to deploy to a location with very limited communications, I was in a bad situation and trying to divorce my non-cooperative wife. I was referred to Ashley Puro by my Legal Office and got in contact. After meeting with her once for a consultation, I felt relieved and in good hands. I was able to go on a 4 month deployment and focus on my job and not this mess that was going on at home. Ashley did everything. Any request, no matter what the hours were in the day. She contacted me only when she absolutely had to obtain my intent or answer a question. She's extremely kind, respectful, hard working, and personable. I could/can trust her with anything. She would often do over and above work and not charge me. She's a class act. After a few months (because the lack of cooperation with the opposing party) the divorce was finalized and Ashley had protected my assets and reached a fair compromise. I will absolutely go to her in the future for any and all legal needs that I have. Highly recommend this attorney!

Divorce and child custody case

Posted by anonymous

February 10, 2019

I had a consultation with Ms Ashley Puro. She was very knowledgeable and direct and I prefer that. Ms Ashley certainly had more knowledge about the laws and rights than many other lawyers. My case is a more difficult and complicated case but I did come away from the consultation with hope that a good lawyer like Ms Puro can help. I would definitely recommend Ms Puro to represent me if I can attain a lawyer and I would recommend others to turn to Ms Puro for representation.

Divorce case

Posted by Angela

February 20, 2019

Ms Puro was exactly who I needed in my corner for my case. She was both, extremely professional and helpful, in helping me understand what all of my options were and how the process works. For any future family law issues that arise, her name will without a doubt be the first one I think of. She's a hard worker and she knows what she's doing.


Mrs. Puro is an excellent attorney, and I am very happy I chose Mrs. Puro to represent me in a family law case.

Posted by Garrett  June 29, 2015

 Mrs. Puro is an excellent attorney and went above and beyond for me working my family law case. Mrs. Puro was only given a very short period of time to prepare for my very important relocation hearing. The lack of time that was given to Mrs. Puro was due to my previous attorney. Mrs. Puro reviewed numerous documents that had already been submitted from my previous attorney, and was able to get caught up on the case. Mrs. Puro was more aware of what was taking place in my case, than my attorney that hired nine months previously. When I consulted with Mrs. Puro she had accurate answers and was able to recite the law and procedures off the top of her head without consulting a different type of medium. After I had hired Mrs. Puro she got right on the case and pointed out inconsistencies from the other side that were detrimental in the relocation hearing. Mrs. Puro was always available and worked timelessly on my case and always kept me up to date with my case. I would entrust any family law issues to Mrs. Puro and feel like I had a very strong advocate supporting my case. I was so impressed with her devotion and time she contributed to my case. I wish I had hired her nine months earlier in my case, I am sure the attorney you choose can change the outcome of your case. I have never seen another attorney work so hard and have the great ideas Mrs. Puro had for moving forward in my case. I could not be any more pleased to have hired Mrs. Puro and am grateful for her hard work and dedication

Great service and very professional

Posted by Travis
October 14, 2017

Ashley was there to look after my best interest. She was very professional and knew exactly what we needed to do in my case. It was a long drawn out case, but in the end she helped me get what I was wanting.

Amazing Attorney 

Posted by Bryan 

January 29, 2018

Ashley is an attorney who helps you figure out your goals in a case. Once the goals are established, she continues to work around the clock to help you accomplish those goals in the most efficient way possible. She's determined and motivated. She's very easy to work with. She doesn't leave you in the dark about anything and will consistently update you on your case. Hands down the best attorney I have ever had. For any legal situation, I will look to her for legal advice and aid.

Family Court Case 

Posted by Michael
January 25, 2018

Very thorough and frank she took my case and ran with it and did everything she could to help me she is very receptive to what I was seeking and trying to get out of the hearing and worked with me every step of the way id recommend her to anyone she has a great knowledge base and very personable as well and will tell you like it is and won't sugar coat it to make you happy she will let you know exactly what she thinks your best course of action is and help you make the most informed decision possible.

Excellent service.

Posted by Charles
March 21, 2017

I was in a difficult divorce with a very stubborn now ex-wife with child custody. Ms. Puro went above and beyond the call of duty to get my divorce settled. I hope I never have to get divorced again but if I did she would be the only one I would call.

Amazingly Competent

Posted by Andrew and Ariel

January 26, 2018

Ms. Puro was an incredible lawyer who went above and beyond what we expected. Her office was an hour away and she made everything easy by processing everything electronically. We were requesting the court to terminate the bio father’s parental rights, who had been hard to find for thirteen years. She was able to hire the right processing server to find him, had him served, and followed up with him daily until he signed over rights. He contacted her daily with ridiculous requests which she answered professionally and promptly. She would even respond to him on a Sunday evening at 8 pm. My son was adopted by his step-father on 01/02 which has made our family of five complete. Ms. Puro has changed our lives forever and we will be eternally grateful. We have recommended her a dozen times because those around us saw what an incredible job she was doing and wanted to know who she was. She operated as a friend who truly cared even though we had never even met. She honestly had our best interest at heart and made all the right decisions. All paperwork was filed expeditiously and correctly! Will be hiring new her again for our Will & Testament, as well as our Trust for our kids. Thank you immensely, Ms. Puro


Family Law Review

Posted by Ashley  June 24, 2016

Miss Puro has gone above and beyond to ensure modifications, etc. we're taken care of very quickly! She is readily available with a very speedy response. No disappointments whatsoever. She diligently puts her time and interest in your situation.


AMAZING!! Best choice!!

Posted by Meranda  June 26, 2015

I am so grateful to have Ashley Puro represent me. She has been there for me every step of the way making me feel very comfortable. She took on my case which was a mess and handled everything. She is passionate about her profession and it can be seen in her high quality work. This is someone you can depend on and she will fight for you!! In fact after my case was transferred to another area hours away I kept her! I highly recommend her! Believe me I've had others represent me before. You have to see Ashley and you will be glad that you did because she goes above and beyond!!!


Excellent attorney.... the best!!!

Posted by Victoria  June 26, 2015

Ashley is currently my daughters attor

ney for child custody and divorce. She is the BEST attorney we have found in the state of Florida!!! Very personal and makes you feel as she is right there by your side fighting for you every step of the way! We have fired our current attorney in Orlando and continue to keep Ashley because we have found no one like her!! She has gone above and beyond for my daughter and that is why I would recommend her to be your attorney too!

About Attorney Puro


Is Ashley the right attorney for my case?  

Ashley is often asked:

  • Can’t it wait until tomorrow?”     
  •  “Why are you texting clients on Saturday?” 
  • "Are you really going to the office on a Sunday?"

Ashley’s response: “If your life was hanging in the balance, would you want to wait?”

Whether this is your first legal matter or an ongoing legal battle, one thing is for sure- lawsuits are stressful! You have questions. You need to know what to action to take, what to expect, what happens next. You need advice and you need it now. 

Do you want a lawyer who will return your call next week? Neither would Ashley, and that is why your questions and concerns will always be addressed without delay.   But, you need more than just personal attention, you need results! With Ashley, you get both. Ashley enjoys a 100% client approval rating for her work in family -related matters, and she will put 100% of her effort in to your case beginning day one. 

More About Ashley:

Ashley is originally from South Florida. In 2004, she settled in Destin, Florida and worked in real estate. However, her desire to practice law was always in the back of her mind. In 2010, she left the beautiful beaches of NW Florida and attended law school in Minnesota. 

Professional Career:

Ashley began her career in Minnesota as a criminal prosecutor. Ashley was admitted to practice in Florida in 2013, and began working with a firm focused on criminal and family law matters. 

Working for other firms provided Ashley with valuable experience, but limited her ability to provide clients with the attention each deserved at a reasonable price. Therefore, she opened her law firm, Ashley Puro, P.A., in 2018.  As a solo practitioner, Ashley has created a law firm that puts the CLIENTS' INTERESTS BEFORE PROFITS.   Her dedication to providing expert services at reasonable rates has earned Ashley Puro, P.A.  the "Top 10 Best Law Firms" recognition beginning 2019 through present. 

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